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Welcome!  If you are searching for the finest in outdoor recreation equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

Playground equipment has changed a lot since we were kids.  The simple monkey bars and see saws of our youth have given way to sophisticated climbing structures and full motion components that are guaranteed to get kids moving! This evolution in play encompasses both new materials and new designs that not only draw children outside to play but have changed the way communities plan and use their recreation areas.

In recent years child development experts have revealed that play provides not only the physical exercise that children need, but also a chance to learn and practice social skills.  The playground has become an extension of the classroom.  Children thrive during unstructured playtime and acquire skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.  Another change in the industry is the acknowledgement of the necessity to design play areas to meet the needs of children of all abilities; the Universally Accessible Playground. All children regardless of their abilities deserve a place where they can play together and learn from each other.

Site Specifics has the knowledge and expertise to help you plan your playground or park project.  We have a passion for designing engaging playgrounds that will make your project standout in your community.

Call us today at 888-551-3155 to let us help you design and install the play environment that is right for you!


Amelia Grace Place - Rockport, MA
One of the largest handicapped accessible playgounds in the Northeast

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